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e rst volume of “Internationale Kunst Heute” met with much success, and that encouraged us greatly. Not only artists

but also art collectors, galleries and museums said that it turned out extraordinarily well. It is a pleasure to leaf through our

book, they said, to look at the artworks and read the in-depth texts that provide further insights into them. We have received

enthusiastic letters from readers and potential buyers from around the world and the artists have informed us about exhibi-

tion invitations and sales. We are very pleased that both we and the marvelous artists have been able to score such a success

in our debut work!

e rst volume was shipped to 54 countries, being presented and passed on there, meaning that each of

the artists published in it automatically became known in all of these countries!

is second volume again o ers a broad palette of contemporary art, ranging from diverse varieties of abstract art and street

art to striking sculptures and stirring photographs. We wish to express our cordial thanks to all the artists for their wonder-

ful works and the trust they placed in us!

Dr. Ingrid Gardill’s sensitive re ections have again succeeded in bringing the oeuvre of each artist closer to the viewer and

Burckhard Dycke has again used all his talent to create an individualized layout for the works of all the artists in order to

maximize their impact. I am grateful to them as well as to the entire team, the translators and all those who collaborated in

this project for their extraordinary dedication, their amazing patience and love of detail!

I send my best wishes to the artists for their continued successes in the future. I likewise send regards to the readers and

wishes for many more hours of pleasure with art. We will do our best to reinforce the contact between good contemporary

art and art lovers.

Martina Kolle, editor

Martina Kolle

is a eelance painter. Art and science already played a role in her family (for example the well-known painter

Helmut Kolle and Prof. Heinz Braune, the former director of the Museum Neue Pinakothek in Munich and the Staatsgalerie

Stuttgart) and her path led her in both directions. Before deciding to devote herself entirely to contemporary art she was successful

in diverse business branches and in the eld of alternative medicine.

When the poet ChristianMorgenstern writes “Everything is beautiful if you look at it with love,” he really means



at goes for people and also for art. We of course did not remove our critical hats and lose sight of our professional judgment

when jurying the submissions, but in the end Morgenstern’s dictum determined our attitude to the artists we selected and

whose works can be found in the present volume.

Every artwork is unique. Words can only serve as a means of approaching and describing them, but they cannot replace them.

I have nevertheless attempted to nd suitable words to capture the essence of each artist’s work and thus help the viewer to

nd his own path to accessing them. Again and again I come to the realization that every single artist in fact contributes to

changing the world with his art, and for that I am grateful to them.

Dr. Ingrid Gardill, art historian

Ingrid Gardill

writes and edits art historical publications. Her specialties include artistic currents of the present day and sacred

art of the middle ages. She had done research for example on French illuminated manuscripts and convent art. During her time

in Berlin she was regularly called upon to serve in the jury of the municipal Galerie Pankow and the city’s Cultural A airs O ce.

Ingrid Gardill writes art criticism as well as exhibition and book reviews and curates exhibitions of contemporary art.